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If you ask us, a wallet is for sure one of the most important accessoires a woman can carry. And for a reason: you really keep all of your most important stuff in there. Your credit cards, cash, identity cards, licences and we could go on.
From zip around wallets to key- and card holders. Wallets come in all sorts and sizes. There is always a wallet that will fit you, and your bag of course. How cool is it to match your bag with your vintage designer wallet??

For that matter our collection with wallets includes designer wallets in all sorts, shapes, sizes and all from different but iconic designers. 

 Chanel really has them all. From zip around wallets, to small flap wallets and wallets that close with a push button. All of them are equally beautiful. 

 Then Louis Vuitton wallets: They do really include every size and every kind of wallet. They have various key holders in different prints. From Damier Ebene to the classic Monogram Canvas. A pretty designer wallet that has to go in a bigger bag? We advise you to go for one of the Louis Vuitton Long Wallets. A smaller bag?  Isn’t a problem at all! Just simply go for a compact or a small Louis Vuitton wallet. 

Obsessed with the pink Dior Oblique print just like we are? Lucky you! We happen to have the popular Dior wallets with the iconic oblique print.

Now it is only an “add to chart” matter for you to own a beautiful vintage designer wallet.
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