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Gucci - Gucci tote - Shoulder bag- Etoile Luxury Vintage

Always want to be up to date of the newest collection of L’Étoile Luxury Vintage? Then you are at the right address at this page. Whenever a new beauty arrives, we add it to our collection right away. 

Question: What is an outfit without the right accessories or the perfect designer bag? Answer: Not complete.
Adding the right accessories and the right bag to your outfit let your outfit speak much more.
There are bags for every occasion, for every season and bags to match with every outfit. 

While carrying your ideal bag you will always have all your everyday necessities with you. But not only are designer bags very useful, they always play a double role as they also operate  as the perfect fashion statement. 

At L'Étoile Luxury Vintage, we always strive to offer the widest possible range of products, so that there is a pearl in between for everyone and for every occasion. Going on a trip? We offer various designer Travel bags. Going for a shopping spree? Then we should advise you to go for a vintage designer shopper. Hand bags and crossbody bags are perfect for the days that you don’t need to bring very much stuff with you. And when you don't feel like worrying about your bag all day long and have to bring a lot of stuff with you, you definitely have to go for a designer backpack

In terms of jewelry and accessories, we have to say that you really can never go wrong. Accessorizing your outfits will always cause a more sparkly look. Whether you go for a bold statement designer necklace, or a more sophisticated addition to your look with designer earrings or a pretty designer bracelet.

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