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The fashion house of Hermès has been around for over 180 years. In those years they have designed many iconic items, most of them come with a great history. “The home of Parasian chique” Hermès is also called, the label is a symbol of class worldwide.
The brand is famous for its pretty silk Hermès scarves and of course for the iconic bags the brand designed. We think that there are no bag lovers who do not have the Hermès Birkin bag or the Hermès Kelly bag at the top of their wish list. 

Theirry Hermès is the genius founder of the namesake label Hermès. In 1837 he opened his first store. A store that was specialized in equipment for horses. When Theirry Hermès died in 1878, Hermès’s son, Charles-Emile Hermès, took over. He had two sons, who succeeded Hermès when Charles-Emile passed away. Adolphe and Emile-Maurice renamed the brand Hermès Frères (Hermès Brothers in English). After seventeen years of working together, Emile-Maurice bought his brother out of the company. 

The first Hermès leather handbag is designed by Emile-Maurice Hermès himself. The design of the handbag came about because of his wife's complaining. She was searching for the perfect leather bag for years, but she couldn’t find it. 

The Hermès sac a dépêches bag was introduced in 1935. We totally get if you don’t recognize that name. Nowadays the bag is known as the Hermès Kelly bag. It was renamed after the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, when she was spotted while covering her baby belly with a Hermes bag for the paparazzi. 

The other famous bag of Hermès was only introduced in 1981, when the great- great - great grandson of Theirry Hermès was in charge of the Hermès company. The bag was named after the famous actress Jane Birkin. And is now well-known as the Hermès Birkin bag. 
Nowadays, the waitlist for a Birkin bag is the longest waitlist for an accessory ever. If you want a Hermès Birkin bag, you should have to wait around 6 (!!) years. 

At L'Étoile Luxury Vintage we always have a collection which contains Hermès items. The Hermès Evelyne is nowadays a very popular bag and we happen to have it in store right now!

Besides the beautiful Hermès bags, we do also have Hermès accessories available at L'Étoile. But with every Hermès item you have to be quick, because the items of this well-known luxury brand are very sought-after! 

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