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Gucci - Gucci tote - Shoulder bag- Etoile Luxury Vintage
Gucci - Gucci Shoulder Bag - Shoulder Bag - Etoile Luxury Vintage


Gucci shoulder bag

€650 EUR
€750 EUR


During world war II, many primarily goods including leather, were in a shortage. Gucci then decided to use other fabrics like bamboo. This led to the design of the iconic Gucci Bamboo bag, a bag made of boar skin, with details made of bamboo. 

Another fabric that Gucci then decided to use was cotton. Gucci then designed another - now majorly popular - iconic aspect. They introduced the Double G monogram and also the well-known stripe that contains two green and one red stripe. 

Shortly after opening the first Gucci store in 1953 in the United States, Guccio Gucci passed away suddenly. Fortunately, his sons succeeded him and the brand continued to flourish. The Americans embraced the brand. Gucci entered a golden era thanks to celebrities, Hollywood stars and wealthy travelers that proudly supported the brand. 

Not long afterwards, Gucci introduced luxury accessories such as Gucci watches, Gucci eyewear, Gucci jewelry and Gucci belts.

And we are truly happy that they did, because we at l’Étoile Luxury Vintage love not only the Gucci purses, we love everything from Gucci. At our store and on our website we have a collection that contains the most beautiful vintage Gucci pieces. Go for the iconic Gucci Jackie Nailhead bag or a Gucci Bamboo Backpack. Or stand out with a Gucci shoulder bag or Gucci handbag. Accessorize your look with a Gucci belt or some vintage Gucci Sunglasses and your good to go!

Remember that, whatever Gucci item you decide to go for, team Étoile is always here to help you! 

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