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Fendi is one of the absolute major Italian luxury fashion houses, offering not only leather goods, but also ready-to-wear for women and men, Fendi shoes, Fendi accessories, Fendi eyewear, and Fendi fragrances.

Adele Casagrande was born in 1897. She started designing from a young age and in 1918 she opened her first leather and (secret) fur shop on Via del Plebiscito in Rome. She changed her company name to ‘Fendi’ after she married Edoardo Fendi in 1925. 

Soon Fendi became known for their handbags. Within 10 years Fendi grew quite successful, opening several other shops. Together Adele and Edoardo had five daughters, all five of them helped to grow the family business even bigger.

When Edoardo passed away in 1954, the five daughters started working full time for the company and they started to expand the business. The new focus on fashion turned out to be a good choice. After bringing out the first line of furs, the Fendi fur coats were on everybody’s mind! This changed in the 60s where the opinions about fur changed drastically. 

In 1965, the Fendi sisters hired Karl Lagerfeld, to modernize their fur lines. Fendi’s fur collections exploded, and gained more popularity quickly. Karl Lagerfeld also designed the famous Double F Zucca pattern, that we still know these days. 

Fendi released the “Baguette” in 1997, and it didn’t take long before it was immensely popular. Many celebrities like Madonna, Naomi Campbell, and Julia Roberts were seen with the bag. And, today, the Baguette can still be seen on fashionista’s all over the world.

Unfortunately Adele Fendi passed away in 1978, from this moment all five daughters took over a different part of the company. The Fendi family still has a lot of influence in the company these days. The daughters and grandchildren of Adele and Edoardo Fendi stayed with the company to ensure that the family’s contribution to the fashion house continued. 

Learn more about the history of Fendi and we hope you can enjoy Fendi's designs forever! 

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