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Dior Saddle Bag

The Dior Saddle bag. Once introduced in 1999 by John Galliano for the Spring/Summer 2000 collection, then lost its interest, but a few years ago, Dior reintroduced this bag in a bit influencer campaign on insstagram . And suddenly, this bag is all over the place once again! The bag is available in different sizes, being Medium and Mini, but also the Double Saddle bag found its way to the vintage market. Is the Dior Saddle bag worth it, you may ask? Some people love this classic as it elevates every outfit, others don't like it because of the hype. We love the Christian Dior Saddle, but we may be a bit biased! Looking to buy a vintage, authentic Dior Saddle bag? l'Étoile may have a second hand one for sale. Can't find what you're looking for? Feel free to send us a message, we're happy to further assist you! Read more about the history of the Dior Saddle bag in our blog
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