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One of the most iconic luxury brands of all time: Dior. The brand has always had the best designers on her behalf. Dior is mostly known for its surprising designs. Those designs always stay delicate, sophisticated and intriguing, always keeping us on the edge of our seats. 

It all started in 1905, in that year the now well-known founder of the brand was born. He grew up in Paris, in a very wealthy family. He always has been very into art, but his parents wouldn’t let him attend art school. He started a degree in political science instead. 

But his love for art never went away. In 1928 he opened a small art gallery. His father became unable to support Christian Dior and he was forced to close his store. In order to save himself financially he started selling his fashion sketches to haute couture houses.   

The greatest opportunity for Dior came, when the business of Marcel Boussac, a childhood friend of Christian Dior, wasn’t doing so well. Marcel asked Christian to help him with making new designs. 

That’s when Dior released his very first own collection: “La Ligne Corolie”, famously known as the: “New Look” collection. The collection became a big success because of its revolutionary features like rounded shoulders, cinched waists and A-line skirts. 

Dior liked to change up the style with every collection and every year, but still you could see the “original” Dior. The real style change occurred around the 50’s when Christian Dior started to work with Yves Saint Laurent. The items became more minimalistic, more inspired on the men's wardrobe and more focussed on ease. 

Dior was actually the first fashion house that paired different accessories to their clothing collections. They started designing bags, shoes, cosmetics and perfume. As we all know now, many other luxury brands followed that example. 

Luckily, we at L’Étoile Luxury Vintage, have a wide and various collection of the most beautiful Dior items. Our collection includes not only the most popular bags such as the Dior bowling bag with the Dior oblique print, the Lady Dior, and the iconic Dior Saddlebag. It also includes Dior Necklaces, Dior wallets, Dior crossbody bags, Dior clothing and even Dior umbrellas

We really hope that you can find your true Dior pearl here by L'Étoile. We are, in any case, very happy to help you. 

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