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Chanel: one of the most famous and iconic luxury brands of all time. Owning a Chanel piece is a milestone for many. The pieces of Chanel are made of excellent quality and are of course a real feast for the eyes. 

The legendary Gabrielle Chanel - better known as Coco Chanel was born in 1883 and began to write history in 1910. In that specific year she opened her first store: Chanel Modes, a hat store. Very soon, actresses became fans of the pretty hats Coco designed and so her reputation grew rapidly. 

Two years after the opening of her first Chanel store, she opened a second one: the first official Chanel Boutique in Deauville. Around this time she started to design her first Chanel clothing and accessories collection. The collection was  labeled as revolutionary. This was because Coco Chanel liked to pull out her own plan. She made clothes and accessories that weren’t only good-looking, but were also nice to wear. 

She did create an allure: a base style to work with. Simple designs with subdued, refined lines, which would not restrict woman's movement in particular and would fit in with their daily lives. Still a basement for the garderobe of woman's nowadays. 

In 1955 Coco designed her first handbag. Revolutionary again. She made the bag in a way that women could have their hands free: with straps to easily wear the bag around your shoulder or arm.  As mentioned earlier, Coco Chanel's main concern was that the collections were also very practical.

The bag she designed is also known today as the 2.55 Chanel Classic flap bag. The bag was made with seven pockets, all designed for an own function. A pocket for credit cards, a pocket for lipsticks, and the most important: a pocket to keep secret love letters….

Unfortunately the famous Coco Chanel died in 1971. If it were up to us, she would have been able to design forever.

At L'Étoile Luxury Vintage we have a collection of the most beautiful vintage Chanel bags. The prettiest Chanel Classic Flap bags in all sorts colors and sizes. The most fashionable Chanel Shoulder- and Chanel crossbody bags,  and Chanel backpacks for every occasion and don’t forget to stack a pretty vintage Chanel wallet inside of one of those bags!

We also offer the prettiest vintage Chanel jewelry that will really spice up your outfits!

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