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Burberry is. The British Fashion label is indispensable in the list of the most iconic luxury designers. While wearing Burberry you will literally always look beautifully classy. 

It started in 1856, when Thomas Burberry founded the namesake label which was soon after called Burberry’s. He was only 21 years old when his first collection of outdoor sportswear came out. 

It was in 1879 that Thomas Burberry became really popular. His purpose of designing was to protect people from the British weather. He succeeded with the invention of Gabardine. Gabardine was the first and therefore revolutionary fabric that's waterproof, hardwearing, lightweight and above all waterproof. 

The fabric and the designs of Thomas Burberry were much loved. Especially by adventurous people such as aviators and polar explorers. In this way, many world records were set by people wearing Burberry. 

The iconic trench Coat from Burberry was invented during the First World War. Everything was taken into account during the design process and that did not go unnoticed. Burberry’s became the official supplier for the British soldiers. 

Around the 20’s, the logo and the famous Burberry check became recognized brand signatures and both were registered as trademarks.  In the same decade, the Burberry trench coats become more and more fashionable, and more like we know them now. It was in the 50’s that the Burberry coats came in the spotlight because they were worn by celebrities. 

After a little bit of a hard time in the zero’s, it was when Christopher Bailey became design director that Burberry came back on the market, back and better. Bailey used his experience from working at Donna Karan and Gucci and put that together with his passion for fashion and innovation, just like Thomas Burberry did.

Burberry has always stayed true to its roots, but still it keeps up with the times and trends. At L'Étoile we have the prettiest vintage Burberry items for you. You only have to take a look at our collection and decide which color Burberry jacket you want, and which Burberry bag you want to match with it. And of course if you need any help, team Étoile is there for you!

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