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Only for kids? Only for practical matters? No, No, No. Not anymore! The backpack made a major comeback. Nowadays a backpack is indispensable in today’s streetwear’s fashion image. And we totally get it! 

Backpacks have so much to offer. One of the most important aspects is definitely: the space they have. You could literally store all  your daily necessities in it. Thanks to the fact that most backpacks have a lot of pockets and compartments, you will never lose something inside the bag. 

Another very very bright side of the backpacks is the fact that you wear it on your back. (duh). No more sore arms from carrying heavy shoulder- or handbags. And besides that, you will always have your hands free. Handy because now you can use your hands for unlimited texting, shopping and sipping coffee! 

Not only they have practical manners to offer. As we already said: the backpack is indispensable in today’s streetwear’s fashion image. They are extremely trendy, stylish and fashionable.
No, we don’t mean the kind of backpacks you went to school with as a kid, we mean the kind of backpacks you rock as a fashionable power woman. Designer backpacks. 

In our collection we have a range of the most beautiful vintage designer backpacks. We almost think it is a shame that they have to be worn on our backs, so we can’t look at it all day. (Checking every mirror around became routine). 

The most classic backpacks we offer are definitely the black leather Chanel backpacks. They will make every outfit go a few levels up with their high class appearance.
We offer the Gucci Bamboo backpack in multiple colors (one for each day of the week). The Gucci Bamboo collection is so iconic it will never go out of style. 

Or what do you think of the popular Louis Vuitton Montsouris backpack? We offer them in various sizes. Always a really good option, for every outfit and every occasion if you ask us!

For a slightly more casual look you should take a look at our vintage Fendi Backpack. They are made of canvas most of the time, which makes the look of the backpack a bit more effortless. 

It may be clear now that everyone should have a pretty designer backpack in their closet. So… Now it’s now up to you: Which vintage designer backpack would you go for? 

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